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Please fill this questionaire and tell us about you so that we can select the research opportunity that suits you best:






Hispanic or Latino

Black or African American

Native American or American Indian

Asian / Pacific Islander


19 or younger

20-23 years old

24-29 years old

30-39 years old

40-55 years old

Over 55 years old

Associate Degree

Bachelor's degree

Master's degree

Doctoral or professional degree



Mostly A grades

Mostly B grades

Mostly C grades or lower

More than 12

Between 6-12

Less than 6


No, never


Yes, with another professor

Less than 30 min

Between 31 and 45 mins.

Between 46 and 1h 30mins

More than 1h 31mins

None, I do not have a current job

Between 0-10h/week

Between 11-30h/week

More than 31h/week

None, I do not take any classes

Between 1-6h/week

Between 7-12h/week

More than 13h/week

None, I do not have any dependents

One dependent

Two dependents

More than two dependents

Yes, I belong to a single student club

Yes, I belong to several student clubs

No, I do not but I would like to be part of one

No, I do not belong to any students club

Yes, I am a club president

Yes, I am a club VP, treasurer or secretary

No, I am not but I would like to

No, I am not a club officer



Means nothing


Exciting science experiments


A large monetary stipend

The stipend is good

The stipend should be less

The stipend should be more

The stipend is not enough

You go anyway

You call and reschedule for an hour

You call and reschedule for another day

You cancel



between 3-3.15pm

You do not go, as is it voluntary

You follow the deadline

You ask for extra time

You hand the work late as is voluntary

You do not hand the project, as it does not count.

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