Prof. Daniel Torres

Daniel Torres is an Assistant Professor at the Science Department of BMCC-CUNY where he teaches College Chemistry and Chemistry for allid health.

PHONE: (212) 220-1427

He received his bachelors’ degree in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona (2003), and his Ph.D. in Computational Materials Science (2007) from the same university. He worked as a posdoctoral researcher in ENS-Lyon (France), as well as Argonne and Brookhaven National Laboratory, two of the US Department of Energy research laboratories. His research is in the field of materials science and chemistry education. He employs density-functional simulations to study the structure and functionality of materials, with a particular emphasis in heterogeneous catalysis, and studies the role of visuals in chemistry education.

Current Members ● Marwan Amin (Fall 2016-)
● Paige Hunter (Fall 2017-) ● Lizzy Kim (Fall 2017-)
Past Members ● Jeff Chen (Summer 2017)
● Gabriel Algarin (Summer 2017)
● Ben Marguilies (Spring 2016-Summer 2016. Now at CCNY)
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