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    Scientific research

    The commercialization of green energy technologies requires the use of advanced materials and computer modeling plays a key role in materials discovery and deployment. Blending computer science, chemistry and physics, we study chemical problems by means of physical methods, using computer-based modeling tools.

  • The Benefits of Being part of our Team

    Thinking in joining our research team? We offer paid opportunities and there are many benefits to be part of our team. Among others:
    Learn STEM by practicing instead of on a boring lecture
    Research practice will secure your transfer to a four-year school
    You will be paid for learning and doing small tasks
    You will receive support from other students and references from Prof. Torres
    Play your cards ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ right! Sign up and join us!

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    Educational Research

    We carry educational studies in order to integrate computer-modeling research with chemistry teaching. The goal is to improve the quality of Collegen Chemistry teaching, breaking down to our students subjects such as thermodynamics or electronic structure of the matter.